Top 10 Tested & Reviewed Process Management Systems for Businesses

The Business Process Management is the efficient and systematic implementation of every company’s business performance improvement and workflow if you intend to achieve your organization’s goals. The best BPM software solutions ought to be able to give you some idea of all the options available and the best ones are for you. Business management consulting companies will recommend you to use Business Process Management solutions are focused on a niche; that is, the functions, industry, or the user type when other focus more on the enterprise suite. Below is a list of some the BPM software solutions that are highly recommended by many of the implementation consultant experts in Canada.

Top BPM tool:

  1. Bpm’online

You can take BPM solutions to be a method that describes the business as a collection of workflows and practices and that these solutions work to help businesses create, optimize, and also track your business processes. BPM helps you to get the full scope of your organization’s functions, structures, and features, basically everything you need to know about your business. With BPM, you can automate, discover, and continuously improve your business by reducing costs and boosting the business’ efficiency and productivity.

  1. Nintex

Another BPM type is the Nintex, which is an online software solutions provider of any workflow automation solutions for all leading businesses. With the right research done, you will realize that many big organizations use this BPM software solution method. Nintex automates processes between many enterprise collaboration platforms as well as content management systems. This enables these platforms to connect to the cloud and premise workflows and even mobile device users.


You can use TIBCO BPM to enable many digital businesses to be able to coordinate their processes, people, actions, and content to improve your business results. As a business, you can also make your business to be flexible enough that it can react to most of the changing business events, if not all, in real time. The TIBCO BPM application will meet all the software needs of your business and help you to go beyond automation as well to digitize your processes and operations.


This is another type of BPM solution that will help you as a business, and a user, to create, design, and also customize your business applications. KiSSFLOW comes with a wide range of business applications already pre-installed on it like vendor payment, purchase orders, mileage reimbursement, employee onboarding, and so on. It is upon you to edit these apps according to your needs. If not, you may also build your business application from scratch, if that is what you prefer.

  1. Intuit QuickBase

As a business owner, you can decide to adopt this BPM software solution instead as it is a very flexible application that will easily adapt to any work atmosphere you provide it. There are over 700 productivity applications available in this BPM software solution, and you can customize any of these applications to best suit your business to boost its workflow and processes.

  1. aMember

This BPM software has been specifically designed for those businesses that sell digital downloads like images, audio files, video files, eBooks, and software. The BPM will offer your business options on how you can handle your subscriptions, deliver your products, and even accept payments where necessary.

  1. Zoho Creator

This BPM software is an online builder that will enable you as its user to develop applications. The Zoho Creator software comes with a drag-and-drop interface feature as well as a lot of other customization tools that can work to best suit your needs. The best thing about this BPM tool is that all the infrastructure is in place, so you need not worry about any maintenance issues like upgrades and updates.

  1. CommandHound

This BPM tool is capable of streamlining and automating your applications, projects and tasks, and compliance processes. All these features are meant to enable you to run your business apps smoothly and more efficiently as well as bring down any operational costs in the process.

  1. QwikSubmit

With QwikSubmit, your business can store every relevant information about your insureds and the applications you created for them as well. In other words, QwikSubmit is an insurance app management system. This BPM tool is very effective and notifies you whenever you have any important tasks you need to look into. Every information collected by this BPM tool is stored in the cloud, which can ease your worries about security and data availability.

  1. Online check writer

This is BPM tool that will provide you and your business with fast, seamless, and ways to create your processes, employee salary, payments for goods and services, donations, etc. The tool has a user-friendly interface that will enable you to organize and manage checks and their related transactions efficiently and securely.


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